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File Size Limit Increased  » announcement posted by Janus on Jul 11, 2014
The file size limit has been increased to 250 MB, and the upload progress bar has been fixed. There is also a button added which will allow you to abort a file upload that is in progress.

You will however need a relatively up-to-date browser in order to upload files now, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer 9 and older definitely won't work, and I'm not sure about Internet Explorer 10. So, make sure your browser isn't old and decrepit.

Major Mods

These mods change many things within the game.
  Title / Description File version For DF
Upload Date,

Teh Lolmod, v3.0, for 40.xx.

I kept almost everything the same - just fixed a few things. Hopefully. May need some more testing beforehand. I did some passes in adv mode ... [read more]
3.0 0.40.10 Sep 02, 2014

The 3 Factions
There are 3 factions of civilizations within this world. The first is composed of the Dragons, the Elves, and the Goblins. The second is composed of ... [read more]
Release 1 0.40.10 Sep 01, 2014
Zanzetkuken the Great

Dwarf fortress modern is an attempt to keep the style and feel of dwarf fortress and bring it to a modern setting, while adding to the fun! New weapons and ... [read more]
.243 0.40.01 Sep 01, 2014

Beta 2 release:
- Changed Brotherhood noble positions.
- Fixed some typos and grammar mistakes (thanks Ruludos).
- Added cave/tundra moss.

Beta 1 release:
- A map of North America.
- Custom civilizations: brotherhood, wastelanders, tribals, ... [read more]
Beta 2 0.40.10 Aug 30, 2014

This is a reboot of the so classic it's almost vanilla mod Kobold Camp for DF2014. Kobold Camp is a mod where instead of playing the (relatively) well organized and ... [read more]
1.61 0.40.10 Aug 28, 2014

This creature set includes two new types of dragons: the mountain dragon a dragon over half the size of the cave dragon, that steals your food and drink, flies, and ... [read more]
.40.10 0.40.10 Aug 28, 2014

Civilization Forge v3.0
Compatible with Dwarf Fortress version 0.40.05+

About the Mod
Civilization Forge is a Major Mod designed to enhance and expand upon vanilla Dwarf Fortress. It includes many new ... [read more]
3.0 0.40.05 Aug 26, 2014

This mod introduces:
-A MISLEADING TITLE| As mounts for player controlled characters currently do not exist, you wont be a literal dragon rider.

-A DRAGON COMPANION| Turn one of your adventure mode ... [read more]
1.0 0.40.08 Aug 21, 2014

Adds elves as a playable race. Current features implemented are:

IMPORTANT: This mod is intended for version 34.11. Some features may not work properly if this is applied to any of ... [read more]
0.03.01 beta 0.34.11 Aug 21, 2014

Direforged Mod v1.2 - The Strange Lands

The Chaos Age has passed. Whether it has lasted millennia or centuries, few can say, as historical records are few and incomplete, and ...
1.2c 0.40.09 Aug 18, 2014
Knight Otu
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