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File Size Limit Increased  » announcement posted by Janus on Jul 11, 2014
The file size limit has been increased to 250 MB, and the upload progress bar has been fixed. There is also a button added which will allow you to abort a file upload that is in progress.

You will however need a relatively up-to-date browser in order to upload files now, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer 9 and older definitely won't work, and I'm not sure about Internet Explorer 10. So, make sure your browser isn't old and decrepit.

Pregenerated Worlds

Saved games providing pregenerated worlds for others to play in.
  Title / Description File version For DF
Upload Date,

Map for the Dwarven competition.
Unspecified 0.40.16 Nov 18, 2014

Region save with an embark on a flat area with a magma vent (so, no 100+z high volcanic cliffs).
1 0.40.14 Oct 31, 2014

Download and unpack this file if you'd like to follow the tutorial more closely by playing in the same world with the same starting dwarves.
Minor changes to the init files ... [read more]
1.0 0.40.14 Oct 28, 2014

No description is available for this file.
Unspecified 0.40.13 Oct 19, 2014

Playing with some subtle mods I've done.
  • Subtle remix in ethics.
  • New weapons, hopefully balanced
  • Can make obsidian spears and handaxes
  • Cobalt, brass, pig iron is a weapon-grade metal
  • Lead, gold are ammo-grade ...
Unspecified 0.40.13 Oct 16, 2014
kicking jay

The embark for the playthrough is pretty straightforward to find; it's the northernmost volcano on the glacier surrounded by necromancer towers.

Some other features of the world:

A bunch of rivers, and ... [read more]
Unspecified 0.34.11 Sep 30, 2014


Used the world gen for this fortress from 34.11 in 40.05 (to generate the same terrain) and then applied 40.13 raws.

Zip file includes the world gen used. No vampires / ... [read more]
Unspecified 0.40.13 Sep 30, 2014

A Joyous Wilds embark in a fairly young, highly populated world. A fortress layout has already been drawn out for you, press "N" when you enter the game to see ... [read more]
Unspecified 0.40.13 Sep 29, 2014
Prudent Viper

I found this great embark with reanimated and thrall cloud (and nearby necro tower) but also has a normal area (Wild surrounding + Terrifying surrounding). It has pretty much every ... [read more]
None 0.40.13 Sep 25, 2014

No description is available for this file.
Unspecified 0.40.13 Sep 25, 2014
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