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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress 40_13 Starter Pack r5
Last Updated: Oct 16, 2014, 07:05:54 pm
First Created: May 01, 2013, 10:04:24 pm
File version: 40_13 r5
For DF version: 0.40.13
Downloads: 11,751 (347,557) Size: 70.9 MB
Views: 25,897 (634,396) Type: ZIP
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Rating (21 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
This starter pack bundles Dwarf Fortress with the best community graphics packs, tools, and interface improvements already configured - so getting the best of everything only takes a single download and no fiddling. Get it here!

It's suitable for anyone - if you've never tried DF before, or played for years - because while I've set up all the included parts already, the core is as easily accessible to you: you can add, remove, update, replace whatever you want to and customise the pack as much as you want. The tools I've included make the game easier to get into, but avoid changing any of the fundamentals - there are no mods here. Dwarf Fortress can be confusing enough to play, but doesn't need to be hard to set up too.

The pack has a thread on the Bay12 forums - use it for feedback, questions, suggestions, or anything else relevant. The second post has a complete table of contents, a comprehensive changelog, and information on checksums and mirrors. Salithus maintains a table of torrents here. The last pack for 34.11 is archived and still available - but I recomend playing with the latest pack instead.

Due the the level of variation between platforms and the configuration involved, the DF Starter Pack is only for windows - but there are similar packs available for Mac and for Linux.

Lastly - Dwarf Fortress costs you nothing, because the developer gives it away and lives off donations (and allows redistribution!). If you've got some money kicking around... consider a donation to say thanks, and help fund development for everyone.
If you want to say thanks to me, just post a nice message - but I do take money too. Note that the Starter Pack is totally free for everyone regardless, and that I'm not affiliated with Bay12 games but do have Toady's permission to take donations.

1. Download and unzip the folder
It's a bundle of portable apps; there's no further installation procedure.
The pack must be able to read/write files though - so don't put it in a "Program Files" folder.
2. [Optional]: upgrade from an earlier release by running the 'copy my data' script with both versions next to each other in a folder.
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 Re: PeridexisErrant's Dwarf Fortress St (v r48)  » posted by Raligan on Oct 24, 2014, 07:43:17 am
FearsomeClarinet wrote:
Every time i try to download this, it refuses to finish and im left with a corrupted file. I REALLY want to, because i'm told this game is RIDICULOUS to get into, but CRAZY FUN. I was told the only way to get into it successfully would be to download this, but every time i try, it never finishes. I'll try it a couple more times, but if it doesnt work, could you email me the file not in .zip format? I'm [email protected] EDIT: yeah, its seriously not working, i have like 20 corrupted .zip files in my downloads, PLEASE, email the file to me in a folder instead of a .zip, i dont know if that would fix it, but .zip files wont even open at all if they dont finish, so i figure thats the best coures of action :-( EDIT EDIT: WHEW, finally got it working, and am working on my first fortress:). Epic game, i cant believe its completely free, AND is updated massively and frequently. And good job on the LNP, it seems to be very well done, it helps a lot to have everything right there, you should be all of ze prouds. :)
I've thrown a copy up on my google drive, the download speeds are much faster there.
If anyone objects, I'll take it down immediately. I wasn't sure who to ask for permission! It's r5 currently.
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